Crochet Luna Vlogcast Episode 15 The Future is Crafty


Welcome to 2018! The start of a new ye

ar and new crochet projects on the hook.

Thank you to all current and new subscribers.  So happy that you have decided to spend some time with me.  I have so much to share on this episode.

This year I am breaking up my Goals (not calling them resolutions) into the 4 quarters of the year. So,  for the 1st Quarter of the year, my Goals include:

  • Organize Online life – Get rid of old contacts on phone and on email contacts
  • Clean up FB and Instagram– Delete old social contacts that are not relevant to my current social circle
  • Delete social media platforms I am not using – Twitter, Ello (signed up but never used it)
  • Signed up for Trello It’s free or there is a paid version for $5/month or annual fee of $45

B.hooked Crochet –

  • Organize physical space. De-stash, donate, throw away, filing cabinet of patterns.


CAL News:


Hosted by Fay of the Crochet Circle Podcast

and Charlie of the Love Charlie Crochet Podcast

The CAL thread on Ravelry is hosted on the Crochet Circle Podcast

FO #1 – Terra Cowl, using a free pattern by Petals to Picot:

Yarn by: Terra Mitchell. Her Etsy shop is Mitchell’s Creations:


This gorgeous design is by Fay of The Crochet Circle Podcast. You can also find her on Instagram @faydhdesigns or on Ravelry at

The CAL is hosted by Olann and Magazine – Ireland’s fibre and craft magazine

This CAL started January 1, 2018 and finishes on February 23, 2018. The Ravelry Thread is on the Olann and Ravelry Page.

WIP #1 Criss Cross Shawl

Yarn: Oink Pigments – Oink Sock in color Le Pink



This KCAL is hosted by the Keep Calm and Carry Yarn Podcast. January 15- March 1, 2018


I am presenting two New Crochet Luna CALs.  One is an almost year-long CAL and the second one is for the first quarter of the year.


The first CAL is an almost year long CAL that will conclude with a swap.  I had such a difficult time with hanging Christmas Ornaments on my tree this year that I am doing away with all heavy ornaments for Christmas 2018.  I will be making ornaments throughout the year to fill up my ornament box.

The CAL will conclude on Nov. 4 and if you would like to swap ornaments with other participants, you will have to let me know your address and I will match you up with a swap partner. We will see how many people would like to swap ornaments and hopefully we have enough so that we can each swap at least one ornament with a fellow maker.  Ornaments don’t have to be crochet, as long as they are handmade, they will count. I will pick a winner from the thread I set up on ravelry at the end of every quarter and gift someone a pattern from Ravelry to keep you motivated!  My goal is to have a Christmas tree decorated with only hand made ornaments.

First winner will be picked on March 31, 2018

I have already collected many patterns that I would like to make.

The Lovebomb Christmas Ornament by Queen Babs.

Traditional Scandinavian Ornaments


Mini Sweater Christmas Ornament

There is a YouTube tutorial for this pattern.


Check out this blog for ideas of what to do with old Christmas Cards.





Will Start on February 16 (Chinese New Year) – March 31, 2018

Any crochet project will count if you can tie it in with your fortune cookie fortune. There will be prizes.  I will crack open some fortune cookies on the next podcast that you can use in case you don’t have access to them.

Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog

Red is the color of good luck.

Fortune Cookie History Links:


Fortune Cookie Stitch Marker –

Take Out fabric –



FO #2

Dragon Fly Slouchy by Pattern Paradise – Free and Paid ($2) pattern

This was for a Christmas commission.


FO #3

Quickie Chunky Hat by Longhorn Prairie


1st Knitted project from private lesson I took with Barbara at Sin City Knits.


FO #4 Spun Gold Shawl by Kat Goldin.

Yarn: sock blank “Aid to Texas” from Goosey Fibers.


PQs (Project Queue)

PQ #1 Hypnotic Eye by Alexander Reynoso known as @alexcreates on Instagram.


Oink Pigments


Berroco Yarn

Check out Quayln’s test crochet for this pattern. Instagram – @portquoelio



PQ #2 1st Knitted Shawl is going to be The Doodle by Steven West.

This is part of KAL by Kristy Glass Knits.


Candy Skein

Lazer Sheep Yarns


PQ #3 Rug Hooking Kit

The Punch Box – Flamingo (Punch Needle KIT) by myra AND Jean on Etsy

Check out andresueknits on Instagram for some beautiful rug hooking.







Fjord Fibers

Hayley’s hand carved wood hooks  – Find her on Instagram as @fireweedfibres


Don’t forget to participate in the Swapless Swap of minis by What The Flock.


This minis swap is hosted by Lisa of Happy Scrappy Life. She has a podcast and an Etsy store.



Thank you to my fellow podcasters for your generous gifts!

Quoe Podcast –

Love Charlie Crochet Podcast –

Mickymidge Podcast –


Bob Wilson123 – Crochet Luna Poncho tutorial


Pattern Palooza

Circus Sweater

Curvy Girl Crochet Tunic

Sabrina Tunic

Tivoli Tunic

Blue MesaTunic

Venice Beach Top

Easy Sparkling Top

Crochet Luna Vlogcast Episode 13 Blessed and Thankful – Mandalas for Marinke Episode 13


We are on Thanksgiving Break. Thanksgiving is this Thursday November 23, 2017.  It will be our first Vegan Thanksgiving but really, only for my husband and me.  We have been eating a plant based diet since this past summer.  Lucky for us, a Vegan restaurant opened in our little downtown area.  The owner, Shanti is fabulous! She also does cooking classes.  My husband and I have attended her classes and let’s just say…yum!

The last class was all about Thanksgiving preparations and my husband was lucky enough to attend.  We will be putting several dishes together to take to the family Thanksgiving and I’m sure it will be yummy!

Check out my local Vegan restaurant.  Please note that she has limited hours of operation so be sure to check the website for hours.

California Homemades



RA Update: I overworked myself last week and by the end of the week, I was very achy.  The no sleep did not help but I am feeling better now.

While my husband was attending the cooking class I was headed to Long Beach for a very special evening.

When I started crocheting in the Fall of 2013 I had no idea that there was a whole global crochet community.  One of the first connections I made to this was a blog I found that was full of information and resources.  The blog is  it is a blog created by Kathryn Vercillo.  She is a Tucson native who lives in San Francisco and who is “an author, blogger, crafter, artist…” Vercillo, K. (2017). Mandalas For Marinke Publisher: Author.

She used to do a roundup on Sundays of different crochet IG images.  I couldn’t believe it when one week, one of my little projects popped up in the round up.  I made me so happy.  Kathryn’s blog is a wealth of resource.  If you have not checked it out, you totally should.  Use #crochetconcupiscence to tag your projects on Instagram.

Fast forward to the summer of 2015 when I read the news that a lovely Dutch designer and blogger by the name of Marinke Slump known as Wink had succumbed to depression and committed suicide.  When I read Kathryn’s post the day she wrote about the sad news I very much felt the strong impact it made on Kathryn.  It made me sad to read about what had happened.

I immediately went to Wink’s blog  I looked at all the lovely posts and the patterns she had created.  She had even written a book.  It was called Boho Crochet: 30 Hip and Happy Projects.

When Kathryn announced she was doing a special crochet project to honor Wink’s memory, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.

In September, I visited Wink’s blog and started on my first mandala project ever.  I used the pattern for her Standard 12 round mandalas.

Wink is given much credit in the crochet community for bringing the crochet mandala to popularity.  Before she was designing and posting about the crochet mandala there was not much out there.  It’s hard to see that now since crochet mandala patterns can be found everywhere these days.

Check out her Ravelry page. She has 54 patterns available.

I so enjoyed the making of this first mandala that I made many more and have since. You may remember all those mandalas that finally got their ends woven in this summer.  I have made and gifted many mandalas since making that first one.

Wink was also working on a book that was completed by the help of a second author Anita Mundt.  The book is called Crochet Mandalas. You can find it on Amazon’s website.,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

There is a beautiful blanket pattern that she was working on that 12 crochet designers/friends of Wink came together to finish.  The blanket was part of a CAL hosted by yarn company Scheepjes.  The blanket is gorgeous.  There are three versions of it.

The name of the CAL is Last Dance on the Beach.  I got a little choked up when I saw the name of theCAL and the names of the different versions of the blanket.  I will make this blanket.  It will be one to start for 2018.  The pattern is on the Scheepjes website.

I was not able to figure out how to get a hold of the yarn packs, maybe they don’t sell them as a pack anymore but the list of the colors used for each version is available.

I found a lovely video of Wink schooling us on how to pronounce the name we love to butcher: Scheepjes.  Here is the video of Wink.

For over a year Kathryn posted the mandalas that were submitted to her.  Over 1,000 mandalas. “There were more than 350 total contributors coming from more than 30 different countries around the world” Vercillo, K. (2017). Mandalas For Marinke Publisher: Author.

I mailed off my mandala in September of 2015.  Shortly after, I received a lovely postcard from Kathryn thanking me for my contribution. In March of 2016, she wrote a lovely post about my submission.

Kathryn had also shared that she would be putting together an art show as well as a book to showcase the mandalas that were contributed to the project. Imagine my surprise to read that there was going to be a showing of the mandalas as well as an opportunity to meet Kathryn here in Southern California.  I was looking forward to it all week.  I dropped my kiddos off at my parents, so they could enjoy some grandparent time and I headed off to Long Beach.

The show was taking place at a lovely art space called Grab Bag Studio.

I was met warmly by ladies of Threadwinners Alyssa and Liz.  They are a crochet team that creates fiber art in Southern California.  They were critical in making the art show happen.

I was introduced to Kathryn and I was so happy to finally meet her. She was so nice and approachable.  Her gorgeous pup was with her and we took a selfie!  The evening was great.  I loved seeing all the lovely mandalas and to see the dance performance that took place.

I was also able to purchase the book Mandalas For Marinke.  A wonderful self-published book that documents the project as well as wealth of resources.  The book has beautiful photos of the mandalas as well are collages that utilize the mandalas in part or as whole. There are simple instructions to make a basic mandala. References on the symbolism of the mandala, books dealing with depression and suicide, movies, websites.  In all, a wonderful resource.

I also picked up another one of Kathryn’s books: Hook to Heal! 100 crochet exercises for health, growth, connection, inspiration, and honoring your inner artist.

Both of these books as well at her book Crochet Saved My Life, can be purchased through Amazon.

I cannot express enough how honored I am to be part of this project. Thank you Kathryn!


Took a trip to Michaels and bought some Red Heart Super Saver and Patons Classic Wool.

Red Hear Super Saver colors: Carrot, Flamingo, Heather Grey, Aran, Country Blue

I Visited Yarns at Border Leather in Chula Vista, California.

I picked up a skein of Malabrigo Rios in color 005 Aniversario and I picked up the rest of my yarn to finish my Skull fillet Jumper.  I picked up some Berrocco Vintage in the colors, 5168 and 51180

Finished Objects F/Os

This week I have 3 finished objects.  All are based on the pattern Cowl Neck Poncho Tutorial by Bobwilson123.

This is a quick make and I am totally addicted to making these!

I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn as well a Patons Classic Wool as well as Classic Wool in Merino.

Check out how to do a standing double crochet.

I also finished three project bags.  I used this tutorial.

Works in Progress (WIPs)

New work in progress is Spun Gold by Kat Goldin.

Llamacorn stitch marker by Pandia’s Jewels.

I am using a sock blank I purchased from Goosey fibers.

The sock blank is called “Aid to Texas”

Check out the details for the Crochet Circle Podcast and Love Charlie Podcast CAL.

I finally picked up the yarn I need to finish my Skull Jumper by Pony Mctate.

The yarn is Nevado by Omega yarn company.

Pattern Palooza

New pattern by the talented Quayln Stark of the Quoe Podcast.  It’s called Melchior Scarf and it’s gorgeous!

Standard 12-Round Mandala by Marinke Slump

Spoke Mandala By Marinke Slump

Christmas light decoration by Marinke Slump

Gorgeous Wrist Warmers by Marinke Slump

Canyon Ridge Fringed Poncho

Noro Rhombus Poncho

Happy Scrappy Swapless Swap

I’m so happy to announce the Mini Swapless Swap that is currently running in the Ravelry group by Lisa Woodruff.  Check it out for more information.

Lisa also has a podcast on YouTube called Happy Scrappy Life.

Holiday Card Swap

If you would like to swap Holiday Cards with me and receive a Crochet Luna Holiday postcard send me an email with your mailing address.  Email me at


Don’t forget to join the Crochet Luna Ravelry Group for this episode’s giveaway.  I am giving away a copy of the book Hook to Heal by Kathryn Vercillo.

Other Mandala books I shared on the video:

Mandalas to Crochet by Haafner Linssen

Modern Crochet Mandalas by the Editors at Interweave

Thank you so much for watching and Happy Thanksgiving!

Crochet Luna Vlogcast Episode 12 The Sweetest Things



In this episode I talk about:

Salvadorean Traditions for Day of the Dead

Celebrated on November 2 – We call it Dia de los Difuntos ( another way of saying dead). Traditions include:

Visit loved ones graves

Clean graves and repaint crosses/headstones

Bring flowers to the graves of loved ones

Cook ayotes en miel ( squash/pumpkin in honey)


Mexican tradition for day of the Dead

Celebration starts October  31 – November 2

Colorful celebrations are more in Central and Southern Mexico and include altars and sugar skulls.

Sugar skulls adorn altars and are supposed to be a treat for the visiting spirits.

Here is a good blog post that explains some of the traditions:

I’m incorporating the altar tradition to remember my loved ones who have passed.



A special thanks to my co-host Hannah of The Cozy Cottage Crochet Podcast.

Thank you to all who participated.

Winner of the Chatter Thread – BrowneyedgirlGB

Winner of the F/O Thread- jojogeee (this was her first Tunisian crochet project!)


A special thanks to my co-host Jo who is jojotwinkletoes on Instagram and Ravelry.

Thank you to all who participated.

Winner of the Chatter Thread –  Ravelry/Instagram: JustALilBitCrafty

Winner of the F/O Thread-  Ravelry: Weezy34   Instagram: Crochetcorner99


I’ve been making project bags.  I am experimenting to see what shapes work and I’ve been having a blast doing it.  I have used two main YouTube tutorials for making the bags.

Crafty Gemini Creates:

Hue Loco:


I finished this super simple Cowl Neck Poncho by bobwilson123

Yarn: Red Heart – Peruvian Print



I’m working on finishing my Fillet Skull Sweater for the HALCAL2017.

Pattern by Pony Mctate:

Simply Crochet Issue 59


Pattern: Basalt  by Fay Dashpher-Hughes Designs


Pattern: Skysail Top by Elena Fedotova


Pattern: Spun Gold by Kat Goldin


Check out Pearl & Plum on Etsy for cute project bags.



Cable socks from Interweave magazine Fall 2017 issue.

There has been mini progress on my Gorman Street socks from the book Step Into Crochet by Rohn Strong.




Last Friday of the month we are dyeing yarn! You should try it.  It can be done in so many ways.  I used the tutorials in Hue Loco’s YouTube Channel.

The book I am reading is called: Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece by Gail Callahan

The started set of the acid dyes was bought on Amazon and they Jacquard Acid Dyes

I ordered yarn from Wool 2 Dye4:


These are the patterns I shared:

Chic Cowl Neck Poncho


Dubonnet Poncho


Chevron Shawl


Vintage Ripple Shawl


Urband Tunic


Foxy Cape


Winners of the Enamel Pins:

Youtube: Joyce Gravino (please contact me at

Ravelry: OddbutAvid


A Big Thank you to Hannah of the Crochet Circle Podcast for the lovely gift she sent.


Thanks so much for watching!

Crochet Luna Vlogcast/Podcast Episode 10 Scrappiness is Happiness


In this episode I talk about:

Halloween Crochet-A-Long

The #HALCAL2017 is a Crochet-A-Long that is co-hosted by Jo who is Jojotwinkletoes on Instagram and Ravelry and the Crochet Luna Vlogcast/Podcast.  It will run from September 29 to October 31,2017.

The pattern for this CAL has a skull design for a filet jumper by designer Pony McTate and was published in Simply Crochet magazine issue 59. It will be available shortly for purchase on,

There will be a Chatter/Wip Thread and a F/O Thread on the Crochet Luna Vlogcast/Podcast Group on Ravelry starting September 29, 2017


The Super Simple Tunisian CAL  is co-hosted by Hannah of The Cosy Cottage Crochet and the Crochet Luna Vlogcast/Podcast.  It will run Oct.1 to Oct. 31, 2017.  Use #SSTCAL so we can see all your lovely projects.  Both Hannah and I will have two patterns on our Ravelry group page that will include two patterns and video tutorials to help everyone complete a total of 4 dishcloths.  Facecloths and scrubbies are also welcome.

Join us, there will be prizes!

A huge thank you to Terra of Mitchell’s Creations for sending me a most awesome gift. Check out her lovely Etsy shop.



Interweave Crochet magazine Fall 2015 – Ananas Shawl by Zsuzsanna Makai

Fortune’s Shawlette –

Caron – Slouchy Beanie

B.Hooked Crochet – Traditional Granny Stitch Shawl

Maggie’s Crochet – Granny Stitch Blanket

Book: Modern Crocheted Shawls & Wraps by Laura Strutt

Free crochet pattern: Vintage Sweet Shawl (EN)

Half a Granny Square Shawl – Brooklyn Tweed Loft Version.

Claudia Scarf.


La Dolce Vita Alpacas –

Long Dog Yarn –

Wander Lust –

Forbidden Woolery-

Inner Zen Garden –

Incan Spice-

Project Bags- Instagram: KC’S Pockets to go.

Podcast Recommendations:

The Quoe Podcast –

The Earl Grey Crochet –

No Catchy Name Crochet –

Litte Fuzzy  Sarah –

Love Charlie Crochet –


Thanks for watching!

Crochet Luna Podcast Episode 9 Oh Boy!

Find me on:

Welcome to a sweaty, muggy episode. In this episode, I talk about:

Those affected by Hurricane Harvey can have a little bit of their stash restored by reaching out to the following:

On Ravelry:

On the Web:

Check out the Instagram account for Loloditit to see how they donated money to the American Redcross Harvey Fund

There is also the Red Cross website:

If you have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, my prayers and good vibes are with you.

Here are the new podcasts I talked about:

Hand Me Downz Knit and Crochet:

The Quoe Podcast:
He has a new scarf patten, The Dust and Ashes Scarf:


Rohn Strong:

Benjamin Krudwig:


I purchased my project bag from:

My granny square license plate came from:

The Caron Cakes I purchased at Michaels.

Cotton Flowers:

CAL News:

I will be cohosting the Super Simple Tunisian CAL with Hannah of The Cozy Cottage Crochet.
More details to follow

I will also be cohosting a CAL with Jo who is jojotwinkletoes on Instagram. Check out her blog:
It will be for a sweater pattern found in Simply Crochet Issue 59
More details to follow.

The Granny square poncho I showed was inspired by a vintage magazine poncho. It can be found in Woman’s Day Granny Squares Number 2, published 1974.

I used Vanna’s Choice yarn in the colors: Mustard, Linen, Charcoal Grey.

Future Projects:
I will be starting on my Liula wrap. This is a paid pattern by Emma from the Potter and Bloom Podcast:

The pattern can be found on Ravelry:

I will be making the Beltine Cuff-Down Socks from the Rohn Strong book, Step Into Crochet.

I will also be making Three Springs. This is a pattern by Deanne of Addydae Designs.

I am currently working on my Urban Stripes Shawl by Rosina of the Zeens and Roger Podcast.

Pattern Palooza:

Beginner Ribbed Crochet Hat Pattern:—unisex

Crocheted Ribbed Hat Pattern

Men’s Infinity Scarf Pattern:

Simple Scarf for Men:

The Every Man Scarf:

Father Pullover:

Patons Kroy Toe Up Socks:

Free Yourself Shawl:

Check out Toni’s website.  She is a great crochet designer and resource.

Julietta Shawl:

Thanks so much for watching!

Crochet Luna Podcast Episode 7 Must-Stash Show Notes

Episode 7 Must-Stash

In this episode I have a very loud fan on and a fly-away hair that just won’t behave.  I hope it’s not too distracting and you can still enjoy this episode.

In this episode, I talk about:

San Diego Comic Con.

San Diego County Fair.

A big thank you to Jillian of the Coo Coo for Cowls podcast for the lovely gift she sent. Coo Coo for Cowls YouTube Link:

The yarn she sent is from Cascade Yarns and is called Sunseeker.

Meredith’s Jars of Joy.

I completed the Gradient Granny Pattern by Sarah Shrimpton found in Inside Crochet Magazine #90

The mustache project bag is from Mr. Indigos Bags found on Etsy.

Fluph Shop                                                                                  Let’s Talk about Stash YouTube video link.

Ted Talk about collecting by Daniel Krawczyk

Check out the Kristine Kelly Vlog                               Video about stash management.

I visited a LYS called Yarning for You.

The Yarns:

Zen Gardens Yarn


Biscotte Yarns

Sweet Georgia Yarns

Junk Yarn

Goosey Fibers

New Hooks                                                                       

New project bag from Queen’s Yarn Boutique.

Queen’s Yarn Boutique YouTube link:

Etsy store link:

Free Crochet patterns by Berroco.

Free Crochet Pattern by Knitpicks.

Paid patterns by Joy of Motion

Paid pattern by Zeens & Rogers.

Check out theZeens & Roger podcast on YouTube.

Paid pattern by Addydae Designs

My project bag is from Thank God for Bags. Here is the link to her etsy shop.

Sock it to me!  I’m crocheting socks from Step into Crochet by Rohn Strong. The pattern is the Gorman Street Toe-up Socks.

****My crochet fantasy socks, Giveaway Winner is: Cozygurl (Ravelry)*****


Summer of Romance CAL ends Aug. 5, 2017  #SRCAL

Grocery Girls Celebrate Canada’s 150 years with a MAL that ends Sept. 01, 2017

Coo Coo for Cowls Granny Stitch CAL ends on Dec. 1, 2017

Tamara and Helen are hosting a sweater CAL. Starts Sept 16,2017 ends Nov. 17, 2017 #backtoschoolsweaterCAL,

Link to Tamara’s blog                                                   Link to Helen’s blog

Festival of finishing hosted by the Crochet Circle Podcast.  #festivaloffinishing


Thanks so much for watching!





Crochet Luna Podcast Episode 6 – Sock it to me!

The words of the day for this episode are: Super and Cool. I just wish that on this hot summer day, I would feel…super cool!

Find me at:

In this episode, I talk about:

My crochet socks are from the new book by Rohn Strong and it’s called: Step Into Crochet.

The yarn I am using is called Ultimate Booger by Casual Fashion Queen.

My new 2.75mm hook is from Polymer Clay Shed.

I talked about a swap project (non-yarn related) I participated in a few years ago. Here is a Link to the swap page.

I showed two sock blanks. Both are from Etsy sellers.
1. The undyed one is from Stickchick.

2. The painted sock blank with the bear portrait called “Family Reunion” is from Goosey Fibers.

**My Fantasy Crochet Sock —Giveaway** Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a nice package that will include Rohn Strong’s new crochet sock book and other goodies.  Find the details in my Ravelry page.

The Summer of Romance Cal is hosted by Clarisabeth from the Crochet Cakes Podcast and myself.
If you haven’t checked out the Crochet Cakes Podcast on YouTube, you totally should! Link: Crochet Cakes Podcast
She is also hosting the F/O (finished object) thread on her Ravelry Page.

The Summer of Romance CAL (#srcal) runs through August 5, 2017
I finished my shawl for the CAL using a great pattern by Deanne Ramsay of Addydae Designs.
The pattern is called the Blurre Shawl. You can check out other gorgeous Blurre Shawls on her Ravelry page.
Deanne also has a lovely podcast on YouTube you should check out. Addydae Designs Podcast

I am hosting the WIP (work in progress) thread on my Ravelry page.

I am also participating in the Festival of Finishing(#festivaloffinishing). This CrAL is hosted by Fay from The Crochet Circle Podcast on YouTube.
Link: The Crochet Circle Podcast

There is a CAL (crochet a long) starting July 1 hosted by Jillian of the Coo Coo for Cowls Podcast. Link: Coo Coo for Cowls Podcast
Details of her CAL are on her Ravelry page.

Another MAL (make a long) going on is hosted by the ladies of the Grocery Girls Podcast on YouTube. Link: Grocery Girls Knit Podcast
Check out their Ravelry page for details.

I showed a quick and lovely shawl called the Philomena Shawl by the blog Fiberflux. Link:
I entered my shawl that I called my Rocky Shawl on the Yarn Hoarder Podcast’s Ravelry page as an entry in the  Kevin Kal.

I visited a local yarn shop: The Black Sheep in San Diego, CA and I purchased two yarns. One was from Malabrigo Yarn called Arroyo in the colorway Arco Iris. The other one was a gorgeous yarn from Trendsetter Yarns. This yarn is called Olives for Oliver.

I showed a pattern by Salena Baca. She is a great crochet designer and I really love her patterns. Find her patterns in her Ravelry store.
The pattern I show is called the Julie Lynn Poncho

Here are some new podcasts to check out:
Melody Crochet:

Toe Creations:

Lottie & Albert:

Little Drops of Wonderful:

Lorraine Pugh Podcast:

DunkelGrun Podcast:

Thanks for watching and crochet on!