It’s an Owl Thing…

Since my first blog post, I’ve been so excited about getting the chance to write my second post. It was on my mind the minute I first clicked the “publish” button.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been helping to plan a big graduation party for two of my cousins who graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles and California State University Long Beach respectively.

One of the party details I worked on was the party favor. I wanted everyone at the party to have something that was unique, handmade, but more importantly, something that was made in crochet.  I chose the party theme to be the owl and I knew that was going to be my inspiration for the party favor.

Luckily, I found an owl pattern in a book I already owned called 30 Minute Crochet by Carol Meldrum. The Owl pattern was the perfect little party favor I was looking to create.  I did struggle with the pattern at first, I was not able to reconcile the stitch count as outlined in the pattern with the actual stitch count I was crocheting. I chalk it up to my inexperience in reading patterns, modified the stitch count so it made sense to me and continued to crochet away.


I used a 4.5mm hook and my favorite Lily Sugar N’ Cream cotton yarn in 11 different colors on this project.

I started by creating the main body of the owl in three colors, white, cream, and beige.

20140611_201548 20140611_200841


Next, I worked on the center circle that was later attached to the main body of the owl.



I then crocheted the beak.  This was the easiest part to crochet and took me no time at all.


Last, I attached eyes.  I made a mess of my button box trying to find buttons that would accommodate the thickness of my tapestry needle. It was quite the challenge.


I left a space in the back of the owl so a safety pin or hair accessory can be attached and the owl can be worn.


It was a lovely little project to work on, though I underestimated the time it would take to create all those little owls, I enjoyed every minute of it.  I put out a dish with some hair clips and I loved seeing everyone wearing them in their hair.

A blanket for Baby

I’ve looked around the web and have come across some delicious blanket designs that are so inspiring.  I thought to myself that it was time to tackle a blanket of my own.  Mind you, when I decided to do it, I didn’t have a pattern or color scheme in mind.  I wasn’t in the mood to learn a new stitch or to read a pattern.  I just wanted to put yarn to hook and start to crochet away. I did do a rough sketch of a design.


I decided a baby blanket would be a good start. I wanted to experiment with colors more so than with the stitch so I stuck to using single crochet for the whole blanket.  I used the Sugar’ n Cream 100% Cotton yarn in bright colors and my 4.5mm hook.  I loved the whole process.  I wanted to create a baby blanket that was different and fun.

I carried the different color yarns along to create the green and blue in what I call the “tetris” pieces and I love how both colors come through each stitch.20140602_145143

I ended up adding more stripes to each side of the original size blanket because it was simply too narrow.  It was a tricky transition at first but once I did a border around the entire blanket, I just kept on plugging away until I got the desired width.

20140601_215449 (1) 20140602_123431

I learned a lot from just digging in and trying to figure out how to best add each color. I added the colorful circles at the very end to complete the design.  It’s not perfect but I love how it turned out.

20140601_202255 20140601_205910

This is my first attempt at a blog so please be patient with me as I learn how to take better pictures and add content.  Thanks for stopping by!