It’s like coming home

This morning I woke up with a drive to create something, anything.  I haven’t been feeling well all week and after getting a second night of good sleep, my body and mind rewarded me with a surge of energy and creativity that I could not let go to waste.

Last night I started working on the Winter Waves Chevron Cowl, I wrote about it in my previous post. After a somewhat slow start, I finally tuned in to what I needed to do and felt good about my stopping point and off to bed I went.

2014-08-15 21.32.54

This morning, I woke up early…well, early for me that is, and thought I’d dive back into working on the cowl.  I brewed my cup of coffee and decided instead to take the time and go through the loot I brought from the bookstore the day before.

2014-08-16 15.32.52 2014-08-16 15.33.07

I haven’t been this magazine crazy in a long, long time BUT there were simply too many irresistible patterns and articles to pass up, including the “inaugural issue of Crochetscene!” I’m leaving that for my next blog post since I will need time to go through it and pick out my favorite things from this magazine.

As I’m going through my Studios magazine (the first issue I’ve ever purchased) I was totally captivated by the article of the artist on the cover Alisa Burke I fell in love with the spread of her studio, her story but most of all her colors. Ahh…color everywhere! Makes me smile every time.

2014-08-16 15.33.58 2014-08-16 15.34.09


2014-08-16 15.56.10 2014-08-16 15.56.27

It was the painting  that says “its ok TO BE MESSY” that had me feeling nostalgic about my days in art school.  I was sitting at my little craft table thinking how nice it would be to have a brush in my hand.  Then, I looked over and saw that my sketchbook was buried under a pile of crochet books. I reached over and opened it to the first blank page I found.   I thought, I’d do a little sketch of my hand.  It’s something I used to do all the time. Hands and feet…the hardest part to draw on a model in life drawing classes, I would draw them obsessively.  I knew it would be a tough little exercise and it was but it felt good to do it.

A thought came to mind that no matter how long it has been, my hands create.  I liked how that made me feel. I wanted to write it down.  In the same way that Alisa Burke wrote “its ok TO BE MESSY” I wanted to write “These hands create”.  It was important for me to write it so I don’t forget to keep doing what I am doing now.  Even if it is just for a few minutes here and there or longer blocks of time like on weekends.

I thought I’d “write” that message with what’s become important in my life of late which is yarn and crochet. I took some yarn and a tapestry needle and used it to put that little message on the page.  Next, I decided that color was in order, so I borrowed my daughter’s watercolor palette and quickly realized that her little palette wasn’t going to work for me.  I dashed off to find my watercolor palette, brushes and sat down for quite the nice hour or so to finish what I’d started with the hand sketch.  It’s rough, not too pretty but it’s just a page in a sketch book , above all, it felt soooo good to have a brush in my hand!

2014-08-16 13.42.28 2014-08-16 13.42.40

Our hands do so much throughout the day.  I want to remind you that the hands that wash the dishes, do laundry, take out the trash, drive kids to school, etc.  are the same hands that have the ability to create wondrous and beautiful things that may or may not have any particular purpose except for that of making you and those around you smile.

I had the opportunity to do that today and it felt great!

2014-08-16 14.49.11





Yarn Shop Review

2014-08-06 16.26.56

I made a stop at a local yarn shop yesterday.  It is located in San Marcos, California.  The shop has a great name: Yarning For You  I met the owner Debra and she was very nice and cheerful.  The selection of yarn is wonderful.  I spent a good amount of time looking, touching, and overall enjoying the beautiful yarns she stocks in her store. I finally settled on this selection.  I’m thinking Fall is around the corner and this color palette is just right.

2014-08-06 16.29.34

This yarn is from Berroco.  It is made from 100% recycled fibers: Nylon, Cotton, Acrylic, Silk, and Linen. It’s called “Remix”.  I saw a beautiful long sleeved sweater Debra knitted with this yarn and it was beautiful.


The pattern I will be using, I found on the designer is Lorne Haythorn Eppolite and you can see her other lovely designs at–cre8tion-crochet

Debra invited me to bring my crochet and sit with the ladies that knit on Thursday nights when the store stays open late (8pm).  I will try to make it out there soon as it would be nice to sit and chat with other fellow yarn lovers.  I will say that no matter the yarn shop location the knitters outnumber the crocheters.  It seems that crocheters don’t venture out to these shops as much as the knitters as they are ever present at the shops’s tables.  They have always seemed a friendly sort and have made me feel welcomed so I’m thinking getting out of the house for a couple of hours to have coffee and crochet with a group may not be a bad idea at all.

I love yarn stores, they are filled with the most beautiful colors.  The yarns skeins are a pleasure to hold.  Some are buttery soft and others are airy and light, like cotton candy.  I can spend hours just thinking about color schemes and putting palettes of colors together for some future project.  Sadly, as always, there’s just too little time in the day to indulge and so much yarn out there that wants to come home with me!

For the love of yarn

I am simply obsessed with yarn, there I said it. My name is Claudia and I’m a yarnaholic. I may also be addicted to yarn shops but I may revisit that statement in a later post.

I visited Sin City Knit Shop.  I give you one guess as to its location.  Yup, it located in Las Vegas. I was there last weekend and though I didn’t have much luck in Sin City, I did find this wonderful yarn shop.  The yarn selection was to die for and the staff was so nice and helpful.  This was what I bought.

2014-08-06 16.45.47

It’s a beautiful cotton, acrylic blend with a metallic yarn that gives it a pretty sparkle.  Can’t wait to find the perfect pattern for it.

New Aquistions

I love thrift shops. You can get awesome deals on just about anything. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for yarn and crochet books. Up until two weeks ago my searches yielded quite a nice collection of yarn but no crochet books. Finally I hit the jackpot! I found a book from 1985 titled “The 7 Day Afghan Book” by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss. It’s got over 50 patterns for crochet blankets, there are patterns for knitted afghans as well but it’s mostly filled with pattern after pattern of oh so delicious crochet and the best part…wait for it…I paid 50 cents for it!!! Happy dance, oh yeah!

2014-08-04 22.52.09

The colors are so very 1985 but they can easily be updated. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into one of these patterns.

2014-08-04 22.57.13 2014-08-04 22.57.03 2014-08-04 22.56.21 2014-08-04 22.56.07 2014-08-04 22.55.47 2014-08-04 22.55.14 2014-08-04 22.54.54 2014-08-04 22.53.33


I Also received three other crochet books from my sister-in-law as part of a crochet package she put together for my birthday this past June.  I’m building quite the nice crochet reference library and this too, makes me happy.  I love books, I love to live surrounded by them.  It’s been difficult these past few years moving around Southern California and not have access to my book collection.  Sadly, they have been packed away in storage waiting for the day my family and I find a place to call our forever home.

2014-08-04 23.42.16 2014-08-04 23.41.35 2014-08-04 23.41.24



I’m back!

Had to take a break from the blog due to illness and work but I’m feeling better now. I’ve been working on the Frida Kahlo wrap and that’s coming along nicely.

2014-07-11 09.22.26 2014-07-11 09.22.32

I’ve gone through my stash of blue yarn to build up the length. I’m using a DK Merino Superwash by Plymouth Yarn and a 5.00 mm hook.  It is lovely to work with and I am pleased with the quality.  Of course I am one skein short on the blue yarn which means a return trip to Redlands Yarn Company.

2014-08-03 20.26.01 2014-08-03 20.27.19


The pattern I am using I found at It is a free pattern which is awesome! Once I figured out how to work the pattern, it was quite easy to crochet row after row. I love to get to that point on a project, it’s why I love to crochet so much.  It’s therapeutic for me to work with my hands.  I have always been process oriented, meaning it’s the process of making something, whether it’s a painting, a ceramic bowl, or a crochet piece that excites me.  The end result of my efforts is not as important as the journey to get there.

I also had the idea to make more coffee dispensers. I ordered ten coffee dispensers from an internet distributor and created sleeves for five so far. Making the appliques is my favorite part. I’m becoming slightly obsessed with buttons, add that to my yarn addiction and it spells trouble for my wallet.


2014-08-03 19.44.32 2014-07-14 17.11.36


I like to play around with the eyes on the skulls.  I try different combinations until I find the one that works.  I must say, my least favorite of my little canisters is the the one with the blue skull. I had some left over owls from the graduation party I help plan and decided to try one out on a canister.  I like how it turned it.

2014-08-03 19.20.32 2014-07-13 21.52.27 2014-07-13 22.01.10 2014-07-13 22.00.39


As a side note, I have to share this with you.  The family and I went to a dog festival which would make sense if we had a dog but as we are currently sans pooch, I decided to get my dog fix by checking out the festival at Liberty Station .  It was a beautiful day and the different pet rescue organizations where out in force with their adorable pooches.  One particular vendor caught my attention.  They we selling coffee…yes…coffee at a dog festival.  This is no ordinary coffee vendor since 20% of their proceeds help rescue organizations. The coffee bags are the perfect size for my coffee dispenser so I decided to try one out.

2014-08-03 19.47.14

The coffee is excellent and I was happy that my purchase helps the rescue organizations that do so much to help all the doggies out there to hopefully find their forever home.

2014-07-12 15.08.50 2014-07-12 15.11.27 2014-07-12 15.11.44 2014-07-12 15.11.45 2014-07-12 15.11.55



My little bit of heaven



For the past year or so, I’ve been obsessed with a magazine by the publisher Cloth, Paper, Scissors. The magazine is called Studios Magazine.

I head to my local Barnes & Noble at least once a month and make a pile of whatever new crochet magazines I need to devour, I especially love the UK crochet magazine Simply Crochet , art magazines, and a copy of Studios Magazine. Before I started the blog and embarked on living La Vida Crochet, I would dream about having a little creative space to call my own.  I live in a small apartment so the thought of being able to claim a bit of square footage for myself became a mini obsession.

I love to look at how artist organize their creative spaces.  I simply drool over the ones that have built dedicated spaces for their craft from scratch.  Others take over a spare bedroom or garage.  I’ve looked at the wonderful spaces photographed in Studios Magazine and have thought that maybe someday I too will have a studio as beautiful as those shot for the magazine.

Looking over the studio photographs in the magazine inspired me to re-evaluate what having a creative space means but left me pretty much at square one with yarn under my bed in plastic bins or stored in the closet.  My watercolor palette, the one I’ve had since my days in art school tucked neatly away in a bookshelf, blank canvases in some dark corner of a living room closet, and paintbrushes gathering dust.  It’s like having bits and pieces of my soul scattered out in the universe.   The worst of it was feeling the pull of those things and telling myself that soon I would return to the creative life.

It has been a long road but recently I managed to bring some of the pieces together. I’ve claimed the space at the end of my kitchen counter and placed a slim folding table that I am now using as my “crafting center”.  I’ve also taken up part of the kitchen counter to store some yarn in what used to be my fruit holder.  I now have a place to sit and crochet or sit and read my favorite blogs without worrying about my stuff being in the way.  I’ve also been training my kiddos and my husband to respect this space.

20140707_094637 20140707_094410


It’s not much but I love my little table.  Part of my yarn stash is within reach and looking at my pretty colored yarn makes me happy.

4th of July Weekend Roundup



I hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July holiday weekend and that you were able to spend it with the ones you love.  I manage to spend it recovering from Strep Throat alongside my wonderful husband who was also struck down with the malaise.  So, antibiotics in hand and our alarms set to go off every six hours we managed to get out an about this weekend.

We started in San Marcos, California at a little Farmer’s Market and Art Show.   It was really quite a small affair but enjoyable nonetheless.  There was a car show as well and we made our way through the market and ended up in front of this beauty.


I know next to nothing about cars but the beautiful red paint on this car caught my attention.  We met Woody Wood whose auto shop assisted the owner in putting the engine together.  We had a nice chat with Woody who proceeded to tell us about his experience with cars and being a local high school auto shop teacher.  The best part was when he decided to show us pictures of his cars.  He showed us actual photographs that he pulled from his wallet, the photos were part of a series of photos he kept in his wallet, old school, the way people used to carry their photographs.  No phone pics but real, hold in your hand, wrinkled and bent at the corners photos. I liked Woody Wood and we will be going out to see him race his car at the local races soon.

Next we took a short ride to the town of Ramona, California.  We’ve been wanting to explore more of San Diego and this seemed like a good way to start, so of to Ramona we went.


Ramona is a small town that at one point in its history was known as “The Turkey Capital of the World”. Now, it is known for its beautiful Thoroughbred horses.  You can see by the mural above that horses are kind of a big deal.

20140706_151451 20140706_151417 20140706_151408


20140706_152008 20140706_151955



They also have many antique stores of which we visited one. It was full of beautiful horse theme antiques. My daughter loves horses and this will be the perfect place to visit with her. The store had a lovely display out front for fourth of july.


I also did my usual routine of looking for yarn stores and though I did not find any to visit I did find that there is an Alpaca Farm in Ramona.  They dye their own yarn! Check out,

I would have liked to have done more but I was happy to get out and enjoy a little local exploration.

Coffee Dispenser Makeover

I have this plastic coffee dispenser I picked up a while ago and every morning when I make coffee, I think how much I hate the way it looks.


Well, this morning I looked at it again and decided this would be the day to crochet something for it. I headed over to Attic24 (see Blogs I follow) for a little inspiration.  I found a post called “Jar Jackets” where she shows how to wrap glass jars in crochet and it was all I needed to get started on my little project.

I had some yarn left over from my owl project and I used it to make the crochet sleeve that would fit over the plastic dispenser.  I also decided to add a little skull with flowers to add a little something of interest.

20140702_122623 20140702_122647

It came together fairly quickly and now I have a coffee dispense that I will enjoy looking at every morning.

20140702_122708 20140702_123947