Crochet Luna Podcast Episode 1 Show Notes

Hello and Welcome!

After a year of neglect, I have revived my little blog.  I will be posting show notes here so thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy a little bit of yarny goodness.

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Following are the links for the things I talked about in my crochet podcast.



Tiny sample of what is currently displayed. The Autry MuseumMuseum of the American West


Fiber Arts installation

Please visit the link below for more detail images of what is on currently on display.  Everything is on display outside, no need to purchase museum entry. The installation will be displayed from March 14, 2017 through June 25, 2017

Yarn Bombing LA

Vest on display, The Little Knittery

The Little Knittery


Knit Collage

Polymer Clay Shed

Survival Socks

On The Spice Market Shawl

Jimmy Beans Wool

Terra Form in Crochet

Sweet Georgia Yarns

Sending Crochet Love to the following Podcasters

#Mandalas for Marinke – Crochet Luna’s contribution


I created this mandala for the #MandalasForMarinke project.  Check out this wonderful project put together by Kathryn Vercillo from

This project brings to our attention the impact that mental illness and suicide can have on our lives.

Project page:MandalasForMarinke

Samples of Chevron Cowls, a study of color combinations.

Mustard Waves 1

Two color combination that works well.

Long Cowl 1 Long Cowl 2 Long Cowl 3

This is a longer and skinnier version of the chevron pattern I have been working for the past month.


Red Waves 2 SockMonkey cropped 1

Adding red really makes the waves pop.

More Fall Waves 1 Love these colors together!

Lady and the Cowls My try at some creative photography…don’t know if it all works but it was a lot of fun setting it up.

San Diego Yarn Crawl 2014 scheduled for Sept.18th-21st

I’m so excited!  The San Diego Yarn Crawl schedule is finally out.

It looks like it’s going to be fantastic.  I can’t wait to visit these shops.  I am especially excited about seeing the Yarnover Truck.

Here is the link to the event’s Facebook page.

I’ll be posting pictures of all my visits so stay tuned…

Free pattern for easy crochet pencil case – perfect for back to school

It’s back to school and I thought that a unique pencil case would be a great way to start off the new school year. I looked through many sites and blogs for a simple, free pattern and found one with an excellent tutorial.

You can’t go wrong with the step by step photos in this tutorial. I will tell you that I had to make an adjustment to the number of starting stitches as I used the Lily, Sugar’ n Cream cotton yarn which is a medium, 4-ply yarn and a hook.  The pattern calls for 8-ply cotton with a hook.

my first attempt, following her pattern ( starting chain,50 stitches) yielded a pencil case that was way too big. It was 12 inches long, much too long for a pencil case.

2014-08-25 11.02.07

I made an adjustment to my second attempt by starting out with 35 stitches instead.  I used a pen as a reference to make sure I would end up with more or less a good size pencil case.

2014-08-24 13.34.12

Then I just continued to crochet around until I got to a height that I liked, a total of 28 rows.

Here you can see the difference in sizes.

2014-08-24 15.26.41

I did not line my case but the tutorial has an excellent link for lining it.  The tutorial is from the Future Girl Blog.

Then, I found a great tutorial for adding a zipper.  I’ve always shied away from projects that require a zipper.  I figure, it will just be too complicated, but this really helped me to get over my zipper anxiety. It also has a great step by step tutorial on lining a crochet bag.

The beauty of this simple pattern is that you can customize the heck out of it.  The possibilities are endless.  I chose to do my favorite sugar skull applique.

2014-08-25 10.38.47

2014-08-24 17.30.05

I am also thinking of turning that first attempt, the one that came out to big for a pencil case into a nice little book bag.

Chevron Cowl Pattern- Project completed and decoded

It’s a happy day today. I finally finished my Chevron Cowl project. Before the big reveal, I thought I’d write up some tips for those who want to create their own Chevron Cowl. The pattern that I used is called Winter Waves Chevron Cowl.  It’s a free pattern I found at Print the pattern to follow along the tips I have included in this post.


This is the first chevron pattern I’ve ever worked.  If you have crocheted this type of pattern, I’m sure you will have no problems with it.  I struggled at the beginning but as soon as things clicked, it was so much fun to work it.

I came up with some tips that I hope will help you decipher the pattern.  Here are the things I discovered while working this pattern:

1.  Make sure you chain 44 NOT 41.  This correction is listed on the pattern so make sure you follow through with the correct number of chain stitches.

2. When you work Row 2, you will do 1 double crochet in the 4th chain from your hook, this means that you will end up with 41 stitches in which to work the chevron pattern.  You will always have 41 stitches when you work each row of this pattern.

DC 4th from hook

3. The stitches that create the chevron pattern are between the two asterisks, you will only be able to repeat the complete pattern 3 times.

3 complete chevrons

4. The fourth time you will only be able to  “*DC3tog. 1dc in each of the next 3 sts….” because by the time you finish your third double crochet you will have only one stitch left and this is where you will “2dc in last st”.

4th chevron Incomplete

5. When you start to work Row 3, you will chain 3 and turn. Make sure you double crochet in the very first stitch or you will not have the right amount of stitches at the end of your row.

Insert at base of ch 3 DC at base of ch 3

6. This is the way it should look after you double crochet in the first stitch.

Befor 3dctog

You will have your chain 3 which is your turning chain. One double crochet in the 1st stitch. One double crochet in each of the next three stitches.

7.  Pull up the Ravelry page where you found the pattern, click on the tutorial for the Mattress Stitch you will need to join the ends of the cowl.   The link is found in Row 42 of the pattern. I used bobby pins to keep the ends together because the first time, I tried to wing it and ended up with one side shorter than the other.

Lastly, don’t be intimidated by the “Special Stitches” dc3tog- double crochet three together. The directions included in the pattern are clear and easy to follow.  This was my first time doing the dc3tog and I was able to do it so I know you can too!

And now for the big reveal!

My Fall Waves Chevron Cowl…I thought I would rename it since I’m using muted fall colors,

Cowl and bird for cl postNesting Cowl

Found that little bird at the thrift store and had to bring him home.

Cowl Pic 1

Just a hint of sun was coming through.  I rather like how the colors look in this shot.

Lemons and Cowl

Taking photos is completely new to me but I’m having fun with it.

Cowl flat

Celebrating the last bits of summer before welcoming the Fall.


Please feel free to shoot me any questions you may have. I will be more than happy to help.





It’s like coming home

This morning I woke up with a drive to create something, anything.  I haven’t been feeling well all week and after getting a second night of good sleep, my body and mind rewarded me with a surge of energy and creativity that I could not let go to waste.

Last night I started working on the Winter Waves Chevron Cowl, I wrote about it in my previous post. After a somewhat slow start, I finally tuned in to what I needed to do and felt good about my stopping point and off to bed I went.

2014-08-15 21.32.54

This morning, I woke up early…well, early for me that is, and thought I’d dive back into working on the cowl.  I brewed my cup of coffee and decided instead to take the time and go through the loot I brought from the bookstore the day before.

2014-08-16 15.32.52 2014-08-16 15.33.07

I haven’t been this magazine crazy in a long, long time BUT there were simply too many irresistible patterns and articles to pass up, including the “inaugural issue of Crochetscene!” I’m leaving that for my next blog post since I will need time to go through it and pick out my favorite things from this magazine.

As I’m going through my Studios magazine (the first issue I’ve ever purchased) I was totally captivated by the article of the artist on the cover Alisa Burke I fell in love with the spread of her studio, her story but most of all her colors. Ahh…color everywhere! Makes me smile every time.

2014-08-16 15.33.58 2014-08-16 15.34.09


2014-08-16 15.56.10 2014-08-16 15.56.27

It was the painting  that says “its ok TO BE MESSY” that had me feeling nostalgic about my days in art school.  I was sitting at my little craft table thinking how nice it would be to have a brush in my hand.  Then, I looked over and saw that my sketchbook was buried under a pile of crochet books. I reached over and opened it to the first blank page I found.   I thought, I’d do a little sketch of my hand.  It’s something I used to do all the time. Hands and feet…the hardest part to draw on a model in life drawing classes, I would draw them obsessively.  I knew it would be a tough little exercise and it was but it felt good to do it.

A thought came to mind that no matter how long it has been, my hands create.  I liked how that made me feel. I wanted to write it down.  In the same way that Alisa Burke wrote “its ok TO BE MESSY” I wanted to write “These hands create”.  It was important for me to write it so I don’t forget to keep doing what I am doing now.  Even if it is just for a few minutes here and there or longer blocks of time like on weekends.

I thought I’d “write” that message with what’s become important in my life of late which is yarn and crochet. I took some yarn and a tapestry needle and used it to put that little message on the page.  Next, I decided that color was in order, so I borrowed my daughter’s watercolor palette and quickly realized that her little palette wasn’t going to work for me.  I dashed off to find my watercolor palette, brushes and sat down for quite the nice hour or so to finish what I’d started with the hand sketch.  It’s rough, not too pretty but it’s just a page in a sketch book , above all, it felt soooo good to have a brush in my hand!

2014-08-16 13.42.28 2014-08-16 13.42.40

Our hands do so much throughout the day.  I want to remind you that the hands that wash the dishes, do laundry, take out the trash, drive kids to school, etc.  are the same hands that have the ability to create wondrous and beautiful things that may or may not have any particular purpose except for that of making you and those around you smile.

I had the opportunity to do that today and it felt great!

2014-08-16 14.49.11