Crochet Luna Podcast/Vlogcast Episode 11 Rediscovering the Artist

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In this episode, I am battling my hair! Here are the links for the things I talk about:

I received a message from Clarisabeth of the Crochet Cakes Podcast and she let me know she and her family are safe in Puerto Rico. Yay!

I visited the Los Angeles Museum of Art and checked out the Marc Chagall.

About Marc Chagall:

I showed a quilting magazine: Art of Quilting Studio Summer 2012

Check out my crochet group. We meet at least once a month. If you are ever in the area, come join us!

These are the finished projects I shared:
Addydae Designs: Three Springs Shawl
Yarn by Wolfy Wool on Etsy:
Yarn by Goosey Fibers on Etsy:

Addydae Designs: Hooked Dragon Shawl

I showed a bag from: Kc’s Pocket to go. She is on Instagram:

Zeens and Rogers:
Urban Stripes Shawl:
Yarn: Unknown handspun yarn
Yarn: Crafternoon Treats Etsy:

Off Your Rocker Shawl:

Big Granny Square Scarf was made with Patons Roving in colors: Low Tide, Dark Grey, and Natural. I am calling this scarf Marea Baja. There is no pattern for this scarf. I may write up a pattern. Let me know what your think.

I also showed two cowls that I crocheted. There is no pattern for this cowl. I may also write a pattern for this at a later time.

I created a super cute enamel pin featuring a granny square diagram. I will be selling them in my Etsy shop. I should have them up and ready for sale by the end of the week.

Don’t forget to check out the Ravelry for the Crochet Alongs going on through Oct. 31, 2017.

Check out the #HALCAL2017 on the Crochet Luna Ravelry group page.
Check out the #SSTCAL on the Crochet Luna Ravelry group page and the Cozy Cottage Crochet Ravelry group page.

My #HALCAL2017 project is living in my gorgeous bag gifted by the talented Terra of Mitchell’s Creations on Etsy.

I visited the Vista Fiber Festival:

I had a lovely time with Laura of Slipped Stictch Studios. Check out her awesome bags!
Thank you so much for the awesome prizes you donated to the Vlogcast!

I picked up some lovely mohair from A Simpler Time Alpacas & Mill.

I also picked up some gorgeous yarn from the ladies at the Yarnover Truck:
Yarn: Western Sky Knits in the color Gumball
Yarn: Yarn Love in the color Marie Antoinette

I purchased beautiful yarn from Astraea Meris on Etsy:

The cute stitch markers came from The Crafting Tree House on Etsy:

The cute animal amigurumi book is called Animal Friends of Pica Pau.

Book Giveaway Winner: Sandra Christiansen. Don’t forget to email me at:

Pattern Palooza

Evening Stroll Cowl:

Shrug in the Wild:


Juliana Wrap:

Mon Petit Mouton:

Drops Designs:
Drops 104-11

Tea House Wrap:

Elemental Triangle Cowl

Winter Waves Chevron Cowl

Check out the comprehensive review of Rohn Stron’g’s Step into Crochet book by Fay of the Crochet Circle Podcast. She posted in the Sock it to Me thread on the Crochet Luna Podcast’s Ravelry Group.

Check out The Crochet Circle Podcast here on YouTube:

Feel free to reach out if you have questions, Thank you for watching!



San Diego Yarn Crawl 2014 scheduled for Sept.18th-21st

I’m so excited!  The San Diego Yarn Crawl schedule is finally out.

It looks like it’s going to be fantastic.  I can’t wait to visit these shops.  I am especially excited about seeing the Yarnover Truck.

Here is the link to the event’s Facebook page.

I’ll be posting pictures of all my visits so stay tuned…

4th of July Weekend Roundup



I hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July holiday weekend and that you were able to spend it with the ones you love.  I manage to spend it recovering from Strep Throat alongside my wonderful husband who was also struck down with the malaise.  So, antibiotics in hand and our alarms set to go off every six hours we managed to get out an about this weekend.

We started in San Marcos, California at a little Farmer’s Market and Art Show.   It was really quite a small affair but enjoyable nonetheless.  There was a car show as well and we made our way through the market and ended up in front of this beauty.


I know next to nothing about cars but the beautiful red paint on this car caught my attention.  We met Woody Wood whose auto shop assisted the owner in putting the engine together.  We had a nice chat with Woody who proceeded to tell us about his experience with cars and being a local high school auto shop teacher.  The best part was when he decided to show us pictures of his cars.  He showed us actual photographs that he pulled from his wallet, the photos were part of a series of photos he kept in his wallet, old school, the way people used to carry their photographs.  No phone pics but real, hold in your hand, wrinkled and bent at the corners photos. I liked Woody Wood and we will be going out to see him race his car at the local races soon.

Next we took a short ride to the town of Ramona, California.  We’ve been wanting to explore more of San Diego and this seemed like a good way to start, so of to Ramona we went.


Ramona is a small town that at one point in its history was known as “The Turkey Capital of the World”. Now, it is known for its beautiful Thoroughbred horses.  You can see by the mural above that horses are kind of a big deal.

20140706_151451 20140706_151417 20140706_151408


20140706_152008 20140706_151955



They also have many antique stores of which we visited one. It was full of beautiful horse theme antiques. My daughter loves horses and this will be the perfect place to visit with her. The store had a lovely display out front for fourth of july.


I also did my usual routine of looking for yarn stores and though I did not find any to visit I did find that there is an Alpaca Farm in Ramona.  They dye their own yarn! Check out,

I would have liked to have done more but I was happy to get out and enjoy a little local exploration.