My little bit of heaven



For the past year or so, I’ve been obsessed with a magazine by the publisher Cloth, Paper, Scissors. The magazine is called Studios Magazine.

I head to my local Barnes & Noble at least once a month and make a pile of whatever new crochet magazines I need to devour, I especially love the UK crochet magazine Simply Crochet , art magazines, and a copy of Studios Magazine. Before I started the blog and embarked on living La Vida Crochet, I would dream about having a little creative space to call my own.  I live in a small apartment so the thought of being able to claim a bit of square footage for myself became a mini obsession.

I love to look at how artist organize their creative spaces.  I simply drool over the ones that have built dedicated spaces for their craft from scratch.  Others take over a spare bedroom or garage.  I’ve looked at the wonderful spaces photographed in Studios Magazine and have thought that maybe someday I too will have a studio as beautiful as those shot for the magazine.

Looking over the studio photographs in the magazine inspired me to re-evaluate what having a creative space means but left me pretty much at square one with yarn under my bed in plastic bins or stored in the closet.  My watercolor palette, the one I’ve had since my days in art school tucked neatly away in a bookshelf, blank canvases in some dark corner of a living room closet, and paintbrushes gathering dust.  It’s like having bits and pieces of my soul scattered out in the universe.   The worst of it was feeling the pull of those things and telling myself that soon I would return to the creative life.

It has been a long road but recently I managed to bring some of the pieces together. I’ve claimed the space at the end of my kitchen counter and placed a slim folding table that I am now using as my “crafting center”.  I’ve also taken up part of the kitchen counter to store some yarn in what used to be my fruit holder.  I now have a place to sit and crochet or sit and read my favorite blogs without worrying about my stuff being in the way.  I’ve also been training my kiddos and my husband to respect this space.

20140707_094637 20140707_094410


It’s not much but I love my little table.  Part of my yarn stash is within reach and looking at my pretty colored yarn makes me happy.