Yarn Shop Review

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I made a stop at a local yarn shop yesterday.  It is located in San Marcos, California.  The shop has a great name: Yarning For You http://yarningforyou.com/site/.  I met the owner Debra and she was very nice and cheerful.  The selection of yarn is wonderful.  I spent a good amount of time looking, touching, and overall enjoying the beautiful yarns she stocks in her store. I finally settled on this selection.  I’m thinking Fall is around the corner and this color palette is just right.

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This yarn is from Berroco.  It is made from 100% recycled fibers: Nylon, Cotton, Acrylic, Silk, and Linen. It’s called “Remix”.  I saw a beautiful long sleeved sweater Debra knitted with this yarn and it was beautiful.


The pattern I will be using, I found on Ravelry.com www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/winter-wave-chevron-cowl the designer is Lorne Haythorn Eppolite and you can see her other lovely designs at www.ravelry.com/designers/lorene-haythorn-eppolite–cre8tion-crochet

Debra invited me to bring my crochet and sit with the ladies that knit on Thursday nights when the store stays open late (8pm).  I will try to make it out there soon as it would be nice to sit and chat with other fellow yarn lovers.  I will say that no matter the yarn shop location the knitters outnumber the crocheters.  It seems that crocheters don’t venture out to these shops as much as the knitters as they are ever present at the shops’s tables.  They have always seemed a friendly sort and have made me feel welcomed so I’m thinking getting out of the house for a couple of hours to have coffee and crochet with a group may not be a bad idea at all.

I love yarn stores, they are filled with the most beautiful colors.  The yarns skeins are a pleasure to hold.  Some are buttery soft and others are airy and light, like cotton candy.  I can spend hours just thinking about color schemes and putting palettes of colors together for some future project.  Sadly, as always, there’s just too little time in the day to indulge and so much yarn out there that wants to come home with me!

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