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I have made it a mini mission to visit as many yarn stores as possible.  I learn something new with every visit and I just love, love, love being surrounded by yarn.

I had the chance to visit a yarn store located in Redlands, California. It was so hot that day that I was sure glad to get indoors.  I knew right away I was going to like Redlands Yarn Company   as I opened the door and was greeted by a beautiful French bulldog.

Resized RedlandsYarn

Becky, the owner, proceeded to tell the dog’s name was Cosmo.  I spent a minute or so making friends with Cosmo and took in the sights of the lovely store.  Becky was very helpful as she showed me how the store was organized.  All the yarn was grouped together by weight. She asked me what I was looking for and I told her I was looking for a lightweight yarn but more than the weight, I was looking for specific colors.

I focused on the selection that held a light/DK weight selection and found the perfect shade of blue I was hoping to find.  Luckily, she had plenty of hanks of the same color and I laid out my collection of yarn on the table.  By the way, there were several ladies sitting at the long table talking about various subjects and knitting away.  I loved seeing that. It was such a relaxed environment, every one greeted me and made me feel right at home.

I noticed that the store had a yarn swift and ball winder. I was happy to see it as most yarn bought at yarn stores come in hanks which have to be wound into balls that can then be used to crochet.  Until the hank becomes a ball, there’s no using it.  I know that there is a way to manually roll the yarn into a ball but after visiting a previous yarn store and having them use the swift and winder to do it, I knew this was the fastest and easiest way to go.

Yarn Winder. Image from
Yarn Swift and Ball Winder. Image from
Hanks of yarn.  Image from
Hanks of yarn. Image from

As I said at the beginning of this blog post, I learn something new each time I visit a yarn store and on this day I learned to use a ball winder.  I got to turn all 10 of my yarn hanks into 10 balls of yarn ready for my new crochet project.

It was a great visit to a great yarn store.  I was very impressed with Becky, she took the time to make sure that all the yarn I bought had the same lot number.  She educated me on the importance of keeping to the same lot number when purchasing multiple hanks of the same color since there can be variations in color from lot to lot…who knew? Now, I will add that tip to my list on how to purchase yarn for my projects.

Redlands Yarn Company Purchase
Redlands Yarn Company yarn purchase

I was excited to get my yarn purchase home so I could get started on my Frida Kahlo shawl project.  Yarn ball 1/10 is on the hook and ready to go!


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